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Meeting with the Minister of Health, Dolors Monserrat and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry

17:55 Farmaindustria
The Head of Health was accompanied by the Secretary General of Health and Consumer Affairs, Javier Castrodeza

Health Minister Dolors Montserrat, Health Secretary Javier Castrodeza, Farmaindustria President Jesús Acebillo and Farmaindustria CEO Humberto Arnés, along with the other representatives of the pharmaceutical industry.

The Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Dolors Montserrat, today held an institutional meeting with the Board of Directors of Farmaindustria, led by the president, Jesus Acebillo, and the Association’s CEO, Humberto Arnés.

The meeting, in which the Minister was accompanied by the Secretary General of Health and Consumer Affairs, Javier Castrodeza, has developed within the climate of dialogue and collaboration maintained by the Government and pharmaceutical industry, has led to the Convention for Sustainability renewed last December with the Ministries of Health and Finance. As a matter of fact, Montserrat stressed at the time that the Convention was in line with its Ministry’s goal of “continuing to work towards progress in the National Health System from greater quality, equity and health care cohesion.”

In this afternoon’s meeting, Jesús Acebillo emphasized the commitment of the pharmaceutical industry with the objective of reconciling the sustainability of the health system with access to innovation and a maintained dialogue, as a “shared challenge with the Health Administration and basis in which to guarantee the quality of the provision and care of the health of the people.”  Acebillo, who has defended the Minister’s commitment to innovation, transparency and high-skilled employment, has highlighted the challenge that health systems, including the Spanish one, have laying ahead of them, linked to the measurement of health outcomes and, therefore, to efficiency, and has insisted on the absolute disposition of the pharmaceutical industry to advance in this sense.

The Minister, who has recognized the high value of the pharmaceutical industry to the country and the willingness to collaborate, has been able to share opinions with the top representatives of the laboratories, both national and multinational, operating in Spain and get to know firsthand their projects and concerns.

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