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Monthly Bulletin 107

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EFPIA Manifesto for an Integrated Life Sciences Strategy for Europe

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Innovation is one of the key foundations upon which Spain’s economic growth will be built

During the Innovation Summit of the Spanish Confederation of Employer’s Organizations (CEOE), the President of Farmaindustria encouraged all stakeholders to foster R&D&i

Biomedical R&D plays a strategic role in the economy because of its positive knock-on-effect, as well as its contribution to improve competitiveness.

Barcelona hosts the Conference on Innovation in the Private Healthcare Sector

Monthly Bulletin 101

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Monthly Bulletin 103

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Cómo se investiga un medicamento

Desde que una compañía comienza a investigar en una molécula innovadora hasta su comercialización (hasta que llega al mercado) transcurren entre 10 y 15 años. Resumimos aquí todos los pasos del proceso de elaboración y fabricación de un medicamento.

I+D en la industria farmacéutica

Resultados de la encuesta sobre actividades de I+D en 2012

Annual report 2012

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