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FARMAINDUSTRIA will lodge an appeal against the Andalusian framework agreement for therapeutic equivalents

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It represents a new attack on territorial equity and pharmaceutical provisions that Andalusian patients receive from the NHS 
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Madrid, May 14th 2014.– Farmaindustria will pursue legal actions against the Resolution of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) in which it calls for a new framework agreement of homologation for the selection of active ingredients for certain therapeutic indications, since it considers the current legislation is being breached; this represents a new attack on the equity and territorial cohesion granted by the Spanish National Health System (SNS).

It is worth remembering that last March, the Andalusian Administrative Court of Contrac-tual Appeals (TARC) resolved to declare void the granting of the first framework agree-ment called for by the SAS, thus taking into account the appeal lodged by Farmaindustria in August 2013.

Likewise, plenty of scientific and medical organizations, as well as patients’ associations stated then their opposition to this resolution, some of them even presenting a complaint to the Ombudsman.

We are dealing with a decision which entails discrimination for Andalusian patients, whose access to those medicines included in the pharmaceutical supply of the SNS is being limited for mere economic reasons, even when their doctor might find those medicines the most appropriate for their specific treatment.

With this selection mechanism for certain indications of active ingredients, doctors’ pre-scribing autonomy and power is restricted. It also undermines the value of medicines and pharmaceutical innovations, added to a loss of quality in healthcare which is also provoked by this initiative.

FARMAINDUSTRIA is confident that the Government will make use of the powers which are granted to them by the Guarantees and Rational Use of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices Law, and will take action against this proposal, through which the Andalusian Government encroaches said powers of the Spanish Administration.

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