Pharmaceutical expenditure

The Government and Farmaindustria renew the Agreement for Sustainability, Access and Innovation

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The Agreement, which will remain in effect throughout 2018, aims to facilitate patient access to therapeutic innovations under equitable conditions and ensure the sustainability of the National Health System

Monthly Bulletin 128

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Evolution of Spanish public pharmaceutical expenditure

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Spain, above the European average in clinical trials in oncology

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The excellence of the professionals, the quality of the National Health System, the commitment of the industry and the new legal framework, facilitate the clinical research against cancer in Spain

The improvement of the medicines ensures that the healthcare cost of the cancer treatment remains stable despite the increase in the incidence rates

Farmaindustria’s Protocol of Collaboration with the Spanish Government. Jesús Acebillo’s intervention. December 29 2016

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The Government and FARMAINDUSTRIA renew the Agreement for Sustainability, Access and Innovation

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The agreement is the result of a sustained dialogue and positive experience from the Protocol signed in 2015 and will be in force throughout 2017

Together with healthcare professionals and patients, FARMAINDUSTRIA launches a plan to improve patient compliance to their treatments

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During the XVI Spanish Pharmaceutical Industry meeting in Santander, representatives from the healthcare sector analyzed this plan.

FARMAINDUSTRIA ratifies its commitment with sustainability and access to innovations before the King of Spain.

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His Majesty King Felipe VI hosted an audience with Farmaindustria’s Board of Directors

Monthly Bulletin 127

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Monthly Bulletin 126

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