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FARMAINDUSTRIA lodges a new appeal against the Andalusian framework agreement for therapeutic equivalents

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It has been presented before the First Instance Administrative Court in Seville 
18.06.2014 | Download PDF File

Madrid, June 17th 2014.- FARMAINDUSTRIA has lodged a contentious administrative appeal against the framework agreement called for by the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) for the selection of active ingredient for certain indications, as well as against the specifications by which this tender is ruled.

In this appeal, presented before the First Instance Administrative Court in Seville, FARMAINDUSTRIA has requested, as a precautionary measure, the suspension of notifi-cation of the framework agreement and its specifications. The appeal is based on the grounds that the way the lots are being processed is not correct; it groups medicines and active ingredients which are not equivalent, thus neither interchangeable.

It should be stressed that this is not the first time that SAS has intended to implement a measure of such characteristics, just last year it announced a first tender and specifications for a framework agreement. On that occasion, Farmaindustria filed an appeal against that measure before the Andalusian Administrative Court of Contractual Appeals (TARC), who declared the tender and its specifications null in March of this year.

While filing this appeal, Farmaindustria has actually become aware that the TARC released a resolution yesterday, which has suspended the proceedings of this new tender of the SAS based on the cautionary measures in the field of public procurement which had been requested by several entities, a decision which the pharmaceutical industry has regarded very positively.


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