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FARMAINDUSTRIA proposes a framework of dialogue to the Regional Government of Madrid (CAM) in order to advance on a progress path together

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Elvira Sanz participated in the 1st Pharmaceutical Forum of Madrid, organized by the Economy Regional Ministry

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Madrid, July 4th.– The president of Farmaindustria, Ms Elvira Sanz, proposed to establish a framework of permanent dialogue between the government of Madrid and the pharmaceutical industry where the concerned regional ministries should also be involved. These words were pronounced during the opening speech at the 1st Forum of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Madrid, an event in which several authorities also participated: Madrid’s Regional Minister of Health, Francisco Javier Rodríguez; the Spanish Secretary General of Health and Consumers Affairs, Pilar Farjas; and the President of Spanish Generic Medicines Association, Raúl Díaz-Varela. The event was closed by the Regional Minister of Economy and Finance, who organized the event.

During her speech, Sanz stated that the pharmaceutical industry is an industrial role model, key in developed economies and also highlighted the fact that this sector in Madrid represents a real flagship for economy. In particular, she remarked, the Region accommodates the most innovative companies operating in Spain, therefore, “fostering their growth is essential so that Madrid remains a leading region in Europe and in the world where the industrial environment is concerned”.

In this context, she stressed that almost a hundred pharmaceutical companies are based in Madrid, more than 25% of the national total, a figure that rises to 35% if we consider those companies with more than 100 employees. Likewise, she assured that 11 out of 13 multinational enterprises with the highest sales volumes are also located in this region.

On the other hand, as far as production is concerned, Ms. Sanz specified that 30% of national medicine production takes place in Madrid, and sales of prescription medicines in pharmacy offices from Madrid based Co’s represents around 55% of total sales in Spain.

As far as employment goes, and according to data from Madrid’s statistics institute, 10,500 workers are employed by the pharmaceutical industry in the region; this figure represents 4.5% of the total employment in the Region. “The jobs, which she went on to remark, belong to highly qualified staff, with a low temporary index and diverse personnel”.

With regard to operational data, the pharmaceutical industry’s turnover in Madrid is above 6,500 M€, which is almost 10% of the total income for the whole of the industry in Madrid. A figure which -in Sanz’s opinion- cannot be dismissed as it demonstrates the traction capacity this sector has for the regional and national economy.

Lastly, Elvira Sanz did not want to forget R&D: “in Madrid, we have a lot to say in this regard. Each year, we invest around 300 M€, which accounts for 30% of the total expenditure in pharmaceutical R&D undertaken in Spain”. From these resources, a third is allocated to collaborate with hospitals and public private research centers in the Region; these then go on to engage in globalized projects with worldwide scientific challenges.

Taking into account all this information, The President of Farmaindustria remarked she was convinced that Madrid can and must be a leading region, stressing the willingness to dialogue and a consensus of the pharmaceutical industry with institutions for the creation of favorable scenarios for the development of Spain and its Regions. “The Madrid Region – she concluded- has a good solid foundation with this industry to turn itself into an example of commitment to innovation and of a new productive model which our country is so much in need of”.


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