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The Pharmaceutical industry invested 950M€ in R&D in 2014

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Pharmaceutical R&D got back on the growth path after three consecutive years of falls in investments

Madrid, September 24th 2015.- 950 M€ was the total amount allocated by the Spanish based Pharmaceutical industry towards R&D activities in 2014, according to Farmaindustria’s Survey conducted on its members.

In this way, R&D investment has grown again by 2.4%, after three consecutive years of falls, which were mainly due to the hefty adjustments made during the economic crisis and where the Pharmaceutical market suffered noticeably.


It is worth highlighting that 382 M€ of the invested money was allocated to research contracts with hospitals, universities and research centers, which is normally known as extramural R&D. This budgeted item has increased by almost one and a half percentage points compared with 2013, representing 41% of the total R&D investments of the pharmaceutical industry. These collaborations are fundamental for the research of new medicines, as well as for the scientific developments of public organisms and institutions. In this regard, notwithstanding the crisis suffered during recent years, investment in this area has remained constant during the last decade, which proves how important extramural R&D is for the Spanish based pharmaceutical industry.

On the other hand, intramural research reached a value of 568 M€, around 59% of total investments. The biggest shares of these investments were undertaken in Catalonia (45%) and Madrid (43%); the remaining 12% was undertaken in other Spanish Regions or abroad.

Where expenditure items invested in R&D are concerned, the most important one was allocated to clinical research – for slightly over 486 M€; where Spain still holds great opportunities for development. Additionally, basic research, key for scientific development, took second place with an investment of more than 126 M€.

Finally, the Survey confirms the rise in biotechnological research, given that last year the Pharmaceutical industry invested 224 M€ in this kind of research, which increased by more than 12% compared to 2013. Biotechnological research investments account for 23.6% of pharmaceutical R&D in Spain.

With these above figures, the Pharmaceutical industry consolidates its leadership in R&D in Spain.


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