Research and development

There are already almost 300 gene and cell therapies in the research and development phase to treat a hundred diseases

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R&D efforts in this area have already achieved several effective treatments against different pathologies

Transparency, sustainability and innovation, pillars of the social commitment of the pharmaceutical industry

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FARMAINDUSTRIA approves its annual report of activities in the Association’s Ordinary General Assembly

The innovative pharmaceutical industry is the leader in stable, qualified and female employment

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In 2016, the industry hired 4,285 workers accounting for 11% of its workforce, and the total number of jobs reached 39,392

93% are permanent employees, compared to 74% of the Spanish economy, and one in three new contracts is for young people

59% are university graduates, compared to 42% of the average in Spain

Female employment is 51%, twice the average of other industrial sectors, and with the highest pay equity between men and women

Clinical trials in the early stages are growing steadily in Spain and already make up 51% of the total

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The 10th Biomedical Research Platforms Conference addresses the latest data and trends in new drug R&D

The pharmaceutical industry generates 200,000 jobs in Spain, of which 37,000 are direct positions

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Research, talent, transparency and collaboration are the key elements of the sector

Medical, technological and legal progresses boost R&D of new medicines to fight rare diseases

17:54 Farmaindustria
World Rare Diseases Day is commemorated tomorrow

Spain, above the European average in clinical trials in oncology

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The excellence of the professionals, the quality of the National Health System, the commitment of the industry and the new legal framework, facilitate the clinical research against cancer in Spain

The improvement of the medicines ensures that the healthcare cost of the cancer treatment remains stable despite the increase in the incidence rates

The Economic Footprint of Selected Pharmaceutical Companies in Europe (WIFOR)

11:45 Farmaindustria

The new Royal Decree Law allows for a 19% time reduction when starting a new clinical trial in Spain, just six months after coming into force

15:01 Farmaindustria
Farmaindustria publishes updated data from the BEST project (June 30th) demonstrating the positive effect of this legislation


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