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The trade associations of the pharmaceutical industry and medical technologies establish the Forum of Biomedical Industries (FIB)

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This relationship and dialogue Forum will collaborate to promote the healthcare system and the value of medicines and health technologies

Barcelona, ​​April 4th, 2017.- Representatives of the business associations of biomedical companies and industries met yesterday in Barcelona to form a Biomedical Industries Forum, with the joint objective of strengthening collaboration with the Administration and promoting solutions that contribute to development of medicines and healthcare products and, therefore, of the healthcare system and the health of the people in general.

Presidents and CEOs of AESEG, ANEFP, ASEBIO, BIOSIM, FARMAINDUSTRIA and FENIN have decided to create a Working Forum that will meet periodically and focus around three main pillars: make joint proposals to the Administration aimed at improving healthcare from a quality and sustainability perspective; cooperate to promote the healthcare and social value of medicines and other health technologies, and share experiences to promote best business practices and ethical and responsible behaviour.

The employers share the search for stable regulatory and performance frameworks that allow, with a medium to long-term vision, to reconcile the push towards the quality of the healthcare system and access to innovation with sustainability. The Forum will allow for, a shared vision and the solution to the possible differences, to make value propositions.  And all this within such a critical moment, in which the Spanish healthcare system faces crucial challenges, ranging from the forced transformation to deal with chronicity, to the need to take a disruptive innovation that is revolutionizing the treatment of the disease, which requires new solutions, foresight and collaboration.

To this end, the Forum aims to contribute to the debate, the prospective analysis and the channelling of ideas and projects useful for the Administration, and for society as a whole, in a field as relevant as that of health at this decisive stage.

Sustainability, quality of service, adequate use, industrial development, efficiency and ethical behaviour will be key areas of discussion in which, from dialogue and commitment, we seek to advance together.

The coordination of the Forum will be rotational, and in this first year will correspond to FARMAINDUSTRIA.


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