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FARMAINDUSTRIA is pleased that the Ministry of Finance is publishing the Regional authorities’ funding mechanisms

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This Program, available to all the public, supports the application of the mechanism for each Region’s liquidity; additionally monthly updates of payments to suppliers can be observed too

Madrid, April 11th 2014.- FARMAINDUSTRIA recognizes the work carried out by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations for having created an on-line portal on the funding mechanisms for regional Administrations.

As part of the Ministry’s commitment to end late payments to suppliers, this new portal constitutes a transparency exercise and is very much appreciated by the R&D based pharmaceutical industry.

Above all, FARMAINDUSTRIA positively values the publication of this Program for the year 2014 as it is a new initiative and allows companies to get to know all the necessary requirements (requisites, deadlines, prioritization of payments, etc.) in detail; these requirements will be included in the payment proposals by the Regional Liquidity Fund (FLA in its Spanish acronyms).

Additionally, this portal will also show the monthly updates of payments made by the Regional Liquidity Fund. FARMAINDUSTRIA hopes that this will be the first step for suppliers to be able to check in advance if they are included in FLA’s monthly payments.

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