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FARMAINDUSTRIA agrees to sign a Protocol with the Ministries of Finance and Health in support of sustainability and innovation of the Spanish NHS.

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It will likely be signed before the end of May

Madrid, April 30th 2015.- Farmaindustria’s General Assembly gathered today in an extraordinary meeting and authorized the signing of a Collaboration Protocol with the Ministries of Finance & Public Administrations, and Health, Social Services and Equality. The protocol is for the sustainability and innovation of the Spanish NHS in benefit of patients, following steep reductions which have been carried out on public pharma expenditure since 2010.

Said Protocol, which will likely be signed at the end of May, intends to give an answer to the commitments made by Spain before the European Commission with regards to public healthcare expenditure and to see that the R&D based pharmaceutical industry in Spain performs in line with the economy’s evolution; all of these elements are orientated at providing patients with an adequate and equal access to therapeutic innovations.

Specifically, in terms of sustainability, the pharmaceutical industry commits to contribute to public pharmaceutical expenditure growth targets for 2015; these targets are linked to Spain’s economic growth. To achieve said targets, quarterly monitoring systems of expenditure will be set forth foreseeing, when necessary, the adoption of compensating or correcting measures in order not to exceed these limits. The setting up of a threshold of growth for a highly innovative sector such as pharmaceuticals is another proof of the commitment of this industry with the sustainability of public accounts and the Spanish National Health System.

Additionally, it is also foreseen that the Protocol will include a section referring to access of patients to innovations, aiming at the reduction of timelines for establishing prices and to reduce the delays of price and reimbursement decisions and their effective uptake in regions on equal terms. An additional clause will also be included with regards to creating industrial value, taking into account industry’s contributions in terms of research, exports, productive activity and qualified employment.

Farmaindustria’s General Assembly regards being able to reach a global agreement with the Spanish Government as positive; this reflects an acknowledgment towards the value the industrial sector holds, its commitment with the financial sustainability of Spanish NHS and with pharmaceutical innovation. This further strengthens the mutual trust between both parties which will, undoubtedly, contribute to improving the quality of healthcare assistance and provisions given to patients.





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