Pharmaceutical production

The innovative pharmaceutical industry is the leader in stable, qualified and female employment

In 2016, the industry hired 4,285 workers accounting for 11% of its workforce, and the total number of jobs reached 39,392

93% are permanent employees, compared to 74% of the Spanish economy, and one in three new contracts is for young people

59% are university graduates, compared to 42% of the average in Spain

Female employment is 51%, twice the average of other industrial sectors, and with the highest pay equity between men and women


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Public pharmaceutical expenditure will grow well below that of the Spanish economy in the forthcoming years

Issue 120 of Farmaindustria’s monthly economic bulletin has been released

The pharmaceutical industry is the industrial sector which has increased its production the most since the crisis began

Publication of issue #112 of the Spanish pharmaceutical market in Spain’s Monthly Bulletin 

Monthly Bulletin 108

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Monthly Bulletin 107

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Monthly Bulletin 97

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Annual report 2012

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Annual report 2011

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Annual report 2010

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