R&D and training continue to be the basis for collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals

For a second year running, the companies adhering to FARMAINDUSTRIA's Transparency Code publish the collaborations with sector agents

Transparency, sustainability and innovation, pillars of the social commitment of the pharmaceutical industry

FARMAINDUSTRIA approves its annual report of activities in the Association’s Ordinary General Assembly

The individualized publication of partnerships with health professionals reinforces transparency

Transparency International and Farmaindustria discuss with experts, institutions and professionals the challenges in this area

R&D and scientific-professional activities constitute the foundations of the relations between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals and organizations

  • Between June 27th and 30th, pharmaceutical companies adhered to the Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry will disclose their collaborations with the sector’s stakeholders

  • This is a voluntary initiative adopted by the European pharmaceutical industry which has no precedents in other private sectors

  • 2015 data prove that the sector consolidates itself as a leader in R&D investment and as a fundamental stakeholder with regards to the access of professionals to scientific information


Farmaindustria reinforces its commitment with transparency by approving the individual disclosure of transfers of value to healthcare professionals

The President of the Catalonian Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), Carles Puigdemont, gave the closing speech at the Association’s general Assembly held today in Barcelona

The Patients’ Organisation Platform and FARMAINDUSTRIA will collaborate in the responsible use of medicines and further transparency

Today both parties signed an agreement, pioneer in the engagement between the pharmaceutical industry and patients’ associations, which will promote education and reinforce the transparency in all aspects regarding their collaboration

FARMAINDUSTRIA requests that sustainability, access and innovation are not deemed incompatible within the Spanish National Health System

The XV Pharmaceutical Industry Meeting focused on financing innovations this year

Transparency legitimises relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals and guarantees a quality healthcare provision

Farmaindustria holds a Conference on “Transparency as a generator of trust”

The EU – U.S. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Towards better health outcomes for patients and economic growth

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Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry (November 2016)

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