There are already almost 300 gene and cell therapies in the research and development phase to treat a hundred diseases

R&D efforts in this area have already achieved several effective treatments against different pathologies

Europe approved 42 completely new medicines in 2018, 20% more than in the previous year

Cancer, infectious diseases, haematology and neurology made up the majority of the new additions, which also included three gene and cell therapies.

One in four positive rulings of the EMA were aimed at treatments for rare diseases

The pharmaceutical industry advocates for collaboration with other healthcare stakeholders to achieve new advances in health

The international federation of the research-based pharmaceutical industry, IFPMA, has renewed its commitment to global health progress in celebration of its 50th anniversary

The pharmaceutical industry can claim several examples of success in recent decades such as vaccines, the fight against HIV and cancer and also the cure for Hepatitis C

In Spain, almost half of the €1,100 million that the pharmaceutical industry invests in R&D is dedicated to collaboration projects with centres and external parties

Medical, technological and legal progresses boost R&D of new medicines to fight rare diseases

World Rare Diseases Day is commemorated tomorrow

Spain, above the European average in clinical trials in oncology

The excellence of the professionals, the quality of the National Health System, the commitment of the industry and the new legal framework, facilitate the clinical research against cancer in Spain

The improvement of the medicines ensures that the healthcare cost of the cancer treatment remains stable despite the increase in the incidence rates

EFPIA Statement on the UN HLP Report on Access to Medicines

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The pharmaceutical industry reinforces its commitment of healthcare and safety for patients through the new Medicines Verification System

The investment needed to set up this initiative could amount to 20 million euros over four years

The pharmaceutical industry reinforces its commitment for public-private collaboration in research

Around 300 scientists and researchers gathered together in Barcelona during the IX Annual Conference of Biomedical Research Technological Platforms

European Medicines Agency. Human medicines: highlights of 2015.

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Hepatitis C day. IFPMA infographic

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