Monthly Bulletin 122

12:28 Farmaindustria
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FARMAINDUSTRIA requests that sustainability, access and innovation are not deemed incompatible within the Spanish National Health System

09:55 Farmaindustria
The XV Pharmaceutical Industry Meeting focused on financing innovations this year

Monthly Bulletin 119

14:58 Farmaindustria
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IFPMA report: Understanding the Role and Use of Essential Medicines List

16:07 Farmaindustria
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The average price of medicines in Spain is 15% lower than the average of the Euro zone countries

09:59 Farmaindustria
The Spanish Pharmaceutical Market Monthly Economic Bulletins numbers 115 & 116 are released

FARMAINDUSTRIA trusts that the new National Strategic Plan regarding Hepatitis C will provide a rational access to new medicines

17:41 Farmaindustria
Contrary to contemplating them as a problem, these new treatments should be regarded as a solution

Innovation and commitment to Society and Patients are the pharmaceutical industry’s strategic lines

16:31 Farmaindustria
Humberto Arnés, Director General of farmaindustria, opens the 2nd “We Are Patients” forum (“Somos Pacientes”).

Spanish public pharmaceutical expenditure basic indicators (October 2014)

10:58 Farmaindustria
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Antoni Esteve is the new President of FARMAINDUSTRIA for the next two years

17:12 Farmaindustria
He has been appointed by the Extraordinary General Assembly which was held today in Madrid

The pharmaceutical industry is the industrial sector which has increased its production the most since the crisis began

14:33 Farmaindustria
Publication of issue #112 of the Spanish pharmaceutical market in Spain’s Monthly Bulletin 
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